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Hello! Looking for a little advice regarding some antique repair.

I have two cigarette lighters from the early 1960s that I really, REALLY want to get working again. They were contracted through two different companies by Carroll Shelby/Ford and are marked with the Shelby Cobra insignia; you can see why I want to get them back online.

I understand that many folks are against refinishing antiques, myself included. However, it feels like all these need are replacement springs, so I thought it wouldn't be too much of a travesty to rehab them. The finish is fine, the other mechanics seem to be in's just that one of them is missing the spring that regulates butane release and the other is missing the top coil on the valve. I can post pictures if anyone thinks that would be helpful.

Any ideas as to whom I could take them? A jeweler? The local tobacco shops haven't been of much help, and I can't imagine that I'm the only person who has ever faced this.

Thanks in advance for the help,


My piano

I'm not sure whether this is the right community to write in, but I couldn't find anything more suitable.
I have a piano at home and I'm trying to figure out the year it was made in (no one in my family knows exactly).
The brand is "Woltersdorf" (Berlin) and it's approximately more than 65 years old.
Can anyone help? Maybe suggest some place else to ask?

Thanks in advance.
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Old or fake?

What a great place to ask about stuff. I bought this bedroom set at a garage sale last weekend:

Headboard, footboard, dresser and also a mirror, although it might not be original. The knobs have a purple-brown plastic around them, which I though might be bakelite, but the expert at the flea market said is was too brittle. She called it something else, although I don't remember what. The previous owner said she paid about $350 at an antique store several years ago. Do you think it's old enough to be genuine art deco? The inside of the drawers is in remarkably good condition, almost unused. There are a few scratches and knicks, but the little metal wheels on the bed still roll! I was thinking 1930's? Any ideas?

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Postcard Questions

Hi everyone, I don't know if anyone can help me or not but I have no idea where to even begin looking, so maybe someone can at least point me in the right direction.

My mother is moving and I am helping her sort through some things, deciding what to keep and what to toss. One thing we found was a large collection (read: probably over 200, hard to guess from glancing) of old postcards. This was a collection of my grandmother's. Most of the postcards are probably from the 20s and 30s and are from all over the world, although I bet most are from the USA. I think most of them probably have been mailed as well (by friends to her.)

Basically, I would feel terrible just throwing these out. I don't have any illusions of making any real money off of them, but I think there must be some sort of collector out there who would appreciate these, and I'd rather have someone else have them than to throw them away!

Does anyone know where I should begin??

Traveling chest?

I got this beauty for a pittance at a local second hand store. As far as I can judge it's a simple, solid traveling chest, What has me stumped is how old it can be. The lid chain looks fairly new, and could have been fitted there recently. The sidehandles I don't understand at all; I've never seen anything like them. The metal bonds could be aluminum perhaps; I have a barrel with similar metal strips, and there's no rust there either. Perhaps some mix of,metals?


Anyway, can anyone make an educated guess as to this chest's AGE?


Medieval ring. 14/15th century. Help!!

Hi, I have a 14th/15th century medieval ring made from medieval silver plated with gold. It was found in Bulgaria but might be British. The band is slightly bent but other than that it is in almost perfect condition.

I was wondering if anyone can tell me more about this ring or how much it may be worth. I have an idea that it may have been used to contain "keepsakes".

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Crystal Decanter/Jar/Canister Thingy, Covered Sugar Bowl...?

Hiya! I was given these by my mom, (I think from my grandmother), and although I want to honor them and their gift, these just aren't my style. Would anyone be able to identify these, and how much each would be worth? I don't want to sell 'em for $5 if they're nice things I ought to keep. Thanks!

One is a decanter/canister/jar thing w/a rubber stopper and a diamond pattern w/a USA, something else illegible on it, and a 12 stamped into the bottom, if I see it correctly. The covered sugar bowl(?) doesn't seem to have anything on it at all. Hmm...

Thanks for the help,

helly nellie
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After living out of suitcases for eight months I decided to invest in a bureau. My funds limited, there were but two options: buy flimsy pressboard crap or scour the local craigslist ads. I chose the latter route and ended up purchasing this.

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I know nothing of old furniture styles and am curious to learn about these pieces. Do you reckon they're genuinely antique/vintage or simply repros ? I can see some areas of wood that look inconsistent and it appears the hardware is not original (sorry for the crappy photos... I need me a new camera.) For what it's worth, the woman from whom I bought them claims she picked 'em up from an antique shop 12 years ago.

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